Friday, April 25, 2008

The following is translated from the Russian anarchist site Avtonom. As Molly has previously reported on this blog the Russian anarchists are the target of increasing repression on the part of Putin's autocratic state, but they have fought back within Russia, and they have international support. The following is a report of one such solidarity demonstration in Germany.

Action against lawlessness of Russian authorities in Berlin
On April 25 in Berlin ,opposite the Russian embassy (Unter den Linden 63-65), there was an action of solidarity with the victims of police lawlessness in Moscow on 4 April, and with all the victims of state violence in Russia and the world.
The anarchist action was sponsored by Abolishing The Borders From Below and Autonomous Action. For two hours day, activists held banners opposite the Russian Embassy with the slogans "Gegen Staatsterror Welweit" ( "state terror against the world") and "Solidaritat mit den von dem russichen staatsterror opfenden" ( "Solidarity with the victims of state terror in Russia").
There were leaflets, telling passers of the incident in Russia,and chants of ", respect human rights", "No police lawlessness" and other slogans, to the at passersby. A few Russian speaking anarchists and one of the defendants came to support the action.

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