Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Designated Suppliers Program (DSP) is a code of ethics proposed by a coalition of labour, student, community and human rights groups. It is meant to apply to colleges and universities in the USA, and, if adopted, would bind such institutions to purchase supplies only from firms that hold to a minimum standard of labour rights. The following is a call from students at the University of Montana, asking for support to pressure their institution to adopt this code. To read more or to join this campaign go to the link HERE.

Tell The University of Montana To Respect Workers' Rights And Adopt The DSP!

For the past two years, students at the University of Montana have demanded that President Dennison sign on to the DSP, which would ensure that all university clothes are produced in factories where workers have the right to form a union and earn a living wage. Please call, email, and fax President Dennison to let him know that the University of Montana has been stalling for long enough. UM apparel is produced in sweatshops, and it is time for the university to do something about it!

President George Dennison: 406-243-2311

Script: Hello, my name is ______ and I am a ______ at ________. I was shocked to discover that UM apparel is produced in sweatshops, and I am calling to urge President Dennison to sign on to the DSP. The University of Montana needs to act as a leader on this issue, and I expect the university to do the right thing. Thank you for your time.

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s):
President George Dennison
UM President George Dennison
Vice President Jim Foley

Below is the sample letter:
Subject: Adopt the DSP Today!
Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],
I am writing as an advocate of the Designated Suppliers Program (DSP). The DSP would ensure that all workers producing goods for the University of Montana earn enough to support a family and have the right to form a union. I urge you to join the other 41 universities in adopting the DSP. This will prove the commitment of the University of Montana to ensuring that apparel emblazoned with the Grizzly logo is not produced in sweatshops. Signing onto the DSP carries no financial or legal drawbacks and will give your university a positive reputation as a leader in supporting basic human rights. Three other universities, Brown, Regis, and Bryn Mawr, have signed onto the DSP since the Department of Justice letter was withdrawn, and are committed to working with other WRC universities to implement a viable DSP. It is morally unacceptable for a university of your prestige to sit on the sidelines when human rights abuses are being committed. I would urge the University of Montana to live up to its stated commitment to worker rights and act as a leader in this important initiative. Now is the time to sign the DSP.

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