Sunday, April 20, 2008

Way down east, in that throbbing pulsating centre of the universe called Toronto, the libertarian socialist magazine 'Upping the Anti' has been putting their efforts forward for some time now. they are now on issue # 6, and the launch date is may 8, 2008. Here is their announcement....
Issue #6 of Upping the Anti is being launched in Toronto on May 8th, 2008.
If you would like to receive a hard copy of the journal or to distribute the journal in your community or organizations, please email so that we can add you to our list of local distributors. This issue of the journal is 204 pages long and we are selling single copies for $10 including postage. If you want 5 or more copies for distribution, the journal is $5 per copy, and we'll cover the postage. Journal articles and PDF files will be uploaded to the website in a staggered process over the next few months.

Our mailing address where you can send your $10 in well concealed cash to for a copy of the journal is: Upping the Anti, 998 Bloor St. West, P.O. Box 10571, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6H 4H9. If you live in the US or elsewhere, please order our journal through AK Press as it costs us too much to mail it to you from Canada. Please continue reading this post for the full table of contents of this issue and the introduction to this issue.
*Mutulu Olugbala: It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop
*Roxanna Dunbar-Ortiz: The Opposite of Truth is Forgetting
*George Katsiaficas: Remembering May 1968
*Joshua Kahn Russell & Brian Kelly: Giving Form to a Stampede: The First Two Years of the New SDS
*Eric Newstadt: Accounting for the Student Movement
*Caelie Frampton: Response to Newstadt
*Jeff Monagham & Kevin Walby: The Green Scare is Everywhere
*Kriss Sol: Organizing Against the G8 with Hanne Jobst, Sabu and Go, Miranda and Jaggi Singh.
*Alex Khasnabish: Anti-Poverty Organizing in Halifax with Jill Ratcliffe, Capp Larsen, Angela Weal, Susan Lefort, Cole Webber, and James Babbitt.
Book Reviews
*David Calnitsky: Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.
*Alexis Shotwell: Color of Violence: the INCITE! Anthology.
*Chris Keefer: The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex. INCITE! (ed.).
*Scott Neigh Grace-Edward Galabuzi, Canada’s Economic Apartheid.

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