Friday, April 25, 2008

The following is an appeal reprinted from the Asian Anarchist Network. As usual it has been slightly edited for reasons of English grammar. It seems that some comrades who are organizing against the upcoming G8 meeting at Lake Toya, Hokkaido, Japan would like to have an international contingent of musicians on hand during their protests. Are you a musician ? Are you footloose and fancy free ? Have you ever dreamed about visiting Japan (Molly sure has) ? Why not check this out.

Hi there,
we need more music for the upcoming protest/party!/catbloc
A statement and call for participation in the musical events during the G8 in Lake Toya, Hokkaido, Japan, by the Sound Collective of NO!G8 Action Japan. Feel free to forward the information below to your music activist friends!
Rebellion Needs Music!
From July 7th to 9th, 2008, the G8 summit will be held at Lake Toya,Hokkaido, Japan. Numerous anti-summit actions will take place against this haughty meeting which is trying to monopolize and define the course of the world by only the so-called 8 major (Group of 8) countries .
We are disgusted at this absurd meeting. We would like to make spaces of protests, interaction, and solidarity with sounds. This is one of the things we can do to express our disgust.
All this time, we had been drowned out, misled and confounded by a deluge of textual/visual information and were at first not interested in politics at all. But the impact of music/sounds opened our eyes to social issues.We are fed up with statements, excuses, apologies, and policy changes by politicians. With music/sounds, we are going to make spaces of direct exchange, solidarity, and confirmation of our will of resistance in Hokkaido where the G8 summit will be held.
Needless to say, musical genre does not matter. Rap, punk, folk, jazz,or whatever, we invite you to come to Hokkaido to express yourself. Unfortunately, we would have to ask you to fund yourself with your travel expenses and since the nature of the events will be benefit events for the movement, we cannot pay a performance fee, but we can certainly guarantee performing spaces. Please contact the following email address, if you want to join us in the resistance against the G8 through musical/sound performance and self-expression.
For more information, contact the No-G8 Action Japan/Sound Collective at:

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