Tuesday, April 29, 2008

As Molly has opined many times before on this blog anarchism today may have the widest geographical extent, if not the depth and maturity, of any time in its history. An example follows below- a call out for a separate (from the dreary legions of the left) anarchist MayDay event in the country of Costa Rica. The following has been translated from a Spanish original published at the Anarckismo site. One only hopes that both the size and self-confidence of anarchist movements elsewhere will lead them to specifically identify themselves as anarchists on future Maydays. We, after all, have little in common with the statist left, and we shouldn't see our role as ineffective critics of same.

Event - Thursday, May 1 2008 Costa Rica: Call for all men and women, tired of so much lying and authoritarianism
by Germinal, La Libertad, San Jose People's Assembly
The fighters must gather on the south side of Parque La Merced, at 10 am. tomorrow.
We , various groups and individuals anti-electoral and anti-authoritarian, are self organizing a large protest reclaiming the true meaning of the first of May, under the slogan
That we will go for it all !
But what will we say to Mr and Mrs candidate , saying that his party is going to prescribe a tlc, with fewer deaths. * (La Nazione, Sunday April 20, 2008, in oblivion but covered in memory)
We must make our voices and our actions heard "That there will be at least a broken glass for honor! We need a stone of decency, to save self-esteem, which gives birth to courage."
On 1 May the dictatorship of the Arias brothers must hear us. The gentlemen of the employers' chambers must hear us. The imperialists who seek to use this territory for their wars must hear us. The fighters and fighters must gather on the south side of Parque La Merced, at 10 am.
No to social injustice!

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