Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yup, it's definitely a go. Winnipeg will have its first anarchist festival this upcoming May. It's an anarchist bookfair and more. The festival now has its own website, . Here is a list of the workshops that will be held in conjunction with the festival....

(workshops are on a tentative schedule, are not confirmed and we will have a brief synopsis shortly. sorry for the vagueness)

Thursday May 8th
location: Mondragon Bookstore & Coffeehouse (91 Albert St.)

*6-8pm – Snapshots of Anarchist History: A Panel on Historical Aspects of Anarchism in a Canadian Context
*Travis Tomchuk on “Europe is No Place for an Anarchist: The Network to Aid Italian Anarchists After the Spanish Civil War.”
*Paul Burrows on “Anarchism, Colonialism, & Aboriginal Dispossession in the Canadian West.”
About the presenters: Paul Burrows is an activist and writer in Winnipeg, he helped found Winnipeg's Old Market Autonomous Zone (A-Zone),
Mondragon Bookstore &Coffeehouse, and the Rudolph Rocker Cultural Centre. He has written articles on participatory economics, Palestine- Israel,
and other issues. He is currently finishing his MA thesis in History at the University of Manitoba with a focus on indigenous history and resistance,
treaties, and settler-colonialism
Travis Tomchuk is completing a Ph.D. at Queen’s University on Canadian anarchist history. He has also been known as the anarcho-grindcore
vocalist for the legendary G7 band Malefaction (Where There is Power, There is Always Resistance).

*8-9:30pm – 40 year anniversary of Paris 1968 events Lecture and Discussion

About the presenters:
Winnipeg New Socialist Group
I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World)

Friday May 9th
*7:30- 9 pm – Anna Hunter of Anti Poverty Committee Vancouver talks about anti- Olympics 2010 organizing
Anna Hunter is a Vancouver based anti-poverty activist who organizes with the anti-poverty committee (APC). The APC is a direct action based anti-capitalist, anti-colonial organization committed to fighting for impoverished people's rights, housing, against police violence and state imposed poverty. The APC has been involved in a campaign against the 2010 Olympic winter games and has targeted those involved in the push on poor people in the Downtown Eastside, the theft of indigenous land and the corporations who will profit off the 2010 games. She will be discussing the actions that have been taken since Vancouver won the olympic bid in 2003 and the mobilization that is planned across the country and the continent for the 2010 games
Mondragon Bookstore & Coffeehouse (91 Albert St.)

Saturday May 10th
10 am - 6pm – Workshops
Places and times TBA
*Radical Education
*Radical politics and regressive pro-sports
*Critical mass/bicycle revolution
*spirituality in anarchism
*radical parenting
*radical queers
*anarchism & technology
*anarchist economics
*self defense (parts I and II)
*"What is crime: a community response to criminality and institutionalization"
part two of a three part workshop covering basic incarceration theory and alternatives, and prisoner solidarity work
about the presenter: The Anarchist Black Cross is an international network of prison abolitionist groups working to address the
injustices of the prison/industrial complex, educate people about the so-called "justice" system and support political prisoners.
*Indigenous solidarity
*Urban planning

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Werner said...

I'll repeat your announcement over here. It's also good, in a way, that a larger city which used to be identified with the slightly better class of social democrats (ie. members of the old CCF, not the politicos) should finally see it's own "A" gathering.