Friday, April 04, 2008

Seems like a time for follow-up as per the last post. A few days ago Molly blogged on the matter of the Everest Restaurant in Toronto and their attitude to one disabled man who was their customer. There is apparently a Facebook page devoted to the boycott of this restaurant. You can access it at .Be aware that you have to sign up for Facebook before you can access their pages. The following is the statement of the group administrator.

A few weeks ago my friend Aaron Shelbounre went to Everest Restaurant for lunch, which was a usual event for him. The last time he went there, however, he accidentally scratched the bathroom door with his wheelchair. Overreacting, the manager approached Aaron's attendant and said they could never come back because of the scratch.
Apparently a paint job is more important than a persons civil rights.
Upset and humiliated by this experience, Aaron gathered together a group of friends and CBC radio to support him while he sought out an apology from the restaurant.Instead of that more verbal abuse was heaped upon him. Now they're saying that no people in wheelchairs can go to the restaurant and they refused to apologize.
This is blatant discrimination!
Would they ban a woman with a baby carriage if it had scratched the door? Would they ban someone who's purse accidentally scratched the door? A reasonable and sympathetic person would not have told Aaron he couldn't come back, but would have found a way to make their restaurant more accessible. It is a simple as protecting the door with a metal or rubber strip.
If you find discrimination as disgusting as I do, then please boycott Everest restaurant.
Thank You.

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