Sunday, April 20, 2008


The following solidarity appeal is from the online labour solidarity site Labour Start.


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Russia: Support North Urals miners on Hunger Strike for a decent wage

From March 27 to April 4, close to 100 miners at the "Red Riding Hood" mines of "North Ural Bauxite" (owned by RusAl) struck underground, protesting management's refusal to raise their wages. On March 30, 3,000 local residents demonstrated to support workers' demands. With the participation of local and national government officials, the Independent Miners Union (IMU) of Russia and RusAl administration signed an agreement to create a joint Coordinating Committee of worker and management representatives. But management has since blocked all attempts by worker members of the Coordinating Committee to conduct an official meeting to advance their demands, instead initiating labor conflict proceedings and attempting to discredit the Committee. In protest, dozens of miners are on hunger strike. They demand not to be prevented from conducting their official meeting. Support the demands of the hunger-striking miners, and send a letter of protest to RusAl management.

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To the management of RusAl
I am deeply concerned by the position and behavior of yourselves and the leadership of "North Ural Bauxite," specifically your violations of the law, which have pushed the miners to their acts of protest. The demands of the miners, supported by local residents, are legitimate and based on the law, while management's lawlessness and connivance demonstrates a deep cynicism and disregard for the workers. I hope you find the courage to hold a meeting with the workers' collective and seriously consider their demands, instead of inventing reasons to reject them. Global practice shows that negotiating is always better than permitting financial loss and damage to the health of workers, who, through their blood and sweat, bring your company its profits.

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