Thursday, April 03, 2008

The following is a new story that has been published at the Indymedia Greece site. Once more the following has been slightly edited for English grammar (and to replace American spelling with Canadian spelling).
New report about the NATO Summit in Bucharest
Repression and beating of protesters in Bucharest
The police entered the convergence centre of the anti NATO demonstrators yesterday and beat people.

The NATO Summit is being held in Bucharest from the 2nd to the 4th of April. The repression of any voice against it has gone wild. Right at the start of the Summit, the Romanian police entered the convergence centre that the anti NATO demonstrators had legally rented, in order to accommodate the workshops and the antimilitaristic sessions. It arrested around 50 people (photos and video). Some protesters were beaten by the police while being transported to the police station. One German activist is being held by the police.

In a solidarity movement, activists in numerous European countries organised actions to inform people about what's going on in Bucharest. In one of them, in Berlin, on the evening of April 2nd, around 60 activists demonstrated in front of the Romanian embassy . The police arrested 2 people there, because they... rang the bell of the embassy!

In Skopje, Macedonia, around 50 people demonstrated against NATO in front of a government building .See also: // Ιndymedia Romania // //

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