Sunday, April 13, 2008

The following news report is from Avtonom, a Russian anarchist news site. It has been slightly edited for English grammar.

Yesterday, the 11th of April there was a meeting in Slavyanskiy square in Moscow, exactly one week after some youths were brutally tortured in theSokolniy police station. The meeting was organised by a spontaneous initiative, but leaflets distributed linked to the website of the Anarchist Black Cross - ABC Moscow ( The action was legal but ended up in chaos. It was well attended, up to 300 participants, but cops let only 200 inside riot fences, announcing that "organisers had requested a permission for merely 200 participators". Tensions were immediately raised, and demonstrators surrounded police who were controlling the entrance, shouting among other slogans "Follow your own laws!", as there is no legal pretext in Russia for police to limit entrance to demonstrations.
The police also did not liked a huge "Stop police brutality"-banner, and soon about a dozen OMON riot police attacked the people holding the banner,beating them with truncheons and electro-shockers(tasers-Molly).
What followed was a mini-riot during which some bottles landed on the heads of some police. Eventually 25 persons were arrested, as far as we know all of them were released today with misdemeanor charges, with an order to show up in court in Monday, and none of them was tortured in the police station. Although torture in Sokolniky police station was completely ignored in almost all the Russian media, apparently we managed to make so much noise that police made efforts to avoid torture yesterday.
Background about torture in Sokolniky police station

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