Sunday, April 06, 2008



Idle curiosity and a certain amount of narcissism rules in the world of blogging. I have the habit of checking who has visited my blog, though on some very busy days this can be tedious. Today, however, I came to a visit from a fellow in California that referred to a comment on a blog (Organizing the Unorganized- And Undocumented) that I posted here back on March 22. The post was about IWW organizing efforts amongst immigrant workers in the USA. The visit was from a person who regularly drops by this blog, and it was obvious that he was not the author of the comment.

The comment concerned whether "anarchic democracy" in a workplace was possible, and like a total idiot I assumed that it was made in good faith by someone who had never heard of such a thing before (as, unfortunately the vast majority of people here in Canada- and even more so in the USA where ignorance is considered a virtue- haven't). I gave my standard reply, giving forth my own idea of what anarchism is and pointing out that producers' coops do exist. What exists is by definition possible. I pointed out how my own anarchism is gradualist and seeks to expand the areas of freedom, cooperation and equality from what already exists , and that my anarchism doesn't depend upon any mind-shattering change in people, no apocalyptic revolution.

But I was an idiot. The comment was authored by somebody whose blog is titled 'Liberty is Freedom'. A rather innocuous title, though a trifle redundant and lacking in imagination. Here's a lesson to you kiddies- always check out the person you are replying to before you reply. The source of the comment is an extreme right wing blogger in the USA, and I don't mean a libertarian. The things he advocates have little to do with "freedom", "liberty" or any other synonym for same. Besides having a serious hatred for immigrants this individual is virulently anti-union, and he has a special hate-on for the IWW. The flavour of his diatribes can be gathered from a couple of his links(kinks ?) ie 'Union Free America' and 'Union Free Employer'. Others are even worse, though not aimed at unions.

This son-of-a-bitch is the furthest thing from an honest,intelligent, non-aggressive, curious "ordinary person" as you can get. He has an ideological axe to grind and wouldn't be convinced if Jesus came down from the clouds in all his glory and patiently gave him a lesson on not just how he was wrong but also on civilized behavior. So, I missed a great opportunity to get my evil temper out on a helpless and nasty target. Molly is an idiot !!!!. To make up for this, even if only partially, see the graphic on the right for my idea of how to reply to nasty nuts, right wing or otherwise.

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Miss Welby said...

don't say that, don't feel an idiot, just don't care and forget it. if any consolation, i've just given you a link: visit me and see if you like my blog. i love to develop international links. ciao! :)