Friday, April 18, 2008



Blogging is a rather new thing, and it has yet to show either its full potential or its limitations. The most obvious limitation is that it is totally democratic medium, and everybody and his dog is free to post about whatever is on their minds or in their eye at the time. Thus the "blogosphere" is flooded with a massive flood of tiny and petty "personal statements". All that one can say to this is that, if you can't raise your sights above some minuscule personal angst then you have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are a totally boring person. Yet...the greatest strength of the blogosphere is, to repeat myself, "that it is a totally democratic medium, and everybody and his dog is free to post about whatever is on their minds or in their eye at the time". This democratic nature has often meant that the blogosphere has brought facts and issues to the world wide public much faster and also more accurately than the conventional press, of whatever ideological stripe. The mainstream media (and its "alternatives") regularly quotes from the blogs and uses them a a news source. this is rather a new thing in human history, and Molly, echoing Socrates, says that she "does not know" what it all means, and therefore she has more knowledge than those who claim to know when they do not. Time will tell. The potential and limitations of the blogosphere for social actions is also very much a subject of debate.

In any case here is an attempt at such internet activism. The sponsors, the Blog Catalog, have their own commercial interests in this sort of thing, but it may still be worthwhile nonetheless.


Join Bloggers Unite For Human Rights On May 15!
Thanks to you, May marks the first anniversary of Bloggers Unite and this time we're launching an awareness campaign chosen by Blog Catalog members. On May 15, let's unite for human rights and make a statement that all people are born with basic rights and freedoms - life, liberty, and justice!

On May 15th 2008, let's come together and all blog about Human Rights. There are dozens and dozens of human rights issues that you can write about. The one you choose is up to you.
Topics to Consider
*The wrongful imprisonment of journalists covering assemblies.
*Governments that ignore the plight of citizens left tot he mercy of gangs.
*The censorship of the Internet in order to prevent freedom of expression.
*Harsh punishments that include torture, forced labor, and starvation.
*Sexual assault against women by members of military or militia.
Learn More About Human Rights
There are many organizations that promote human rights and work to protect people. We've picked three to help you learn more and find breaking topics.
*Amnesty International ( is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all. They work to improve human rights through campaigning and international solidarity.
*Human Right Watch ( is dedicated to protecting human rights of people around the world. They stand with victims and activists to prevent discrimination, uphold political freedom, protect people from inhumane conduct in wartime, and to bring offenders to justice.
*Youth For Human Rights ( is an independent non-profit that educates people about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so they become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace.

We have an entire group discussion dedicated to Bloggers Unite ( where you can add more organizations that you think are worth including.
How To Join Bloggers Unite!
To join, simply visit the Bloggers Unite page ( to get more information. Then, on Thursday, May 15th, write a blog post that shares awareness about human rights.

Your blog post could:
*Have the title "Bloggers Unite For Human Rights" (or some variation).
*include an example of human rights so people can learn about it.
*Explain the importance of human rights and how it applies to everyone.
*Link to one of the sites we've listed or the most suitable site for your country.
*And add a link to our BlogCatalog Community Human Rights Awareness Campaign page so we can give you and your blog credit for being part of it.

If you have any questions, please e-mail And please, don't forget to tell your friends to blog about this too. Together, I know we can raise awareness and prove bloggers can do good!


Stephen said...

Thanks for letting us know about this. This is SO up my alley.

Hasan said...

Dear Bloggersunite,

I feel refreshed and uplifted by the possibilities expressed by your blog. We can. Your philosophy is especially refreshing because I am carrying a gigantic story that the corporate media won't touch. The inherent problem with the story is that it is just too Big, therefore, it's easier to ignore as far-fetched rather than to explore with any seriousness.

I am the author of a new model that has been hotly debated on blogspace. Despite five months of efforts, no-one has been able to locate a single flaw with the new Dominium model's science or its logic. Though three would-be critics ultimately supplied three new lines of tangetial supporting evidence in favor of the new model.

Why is this a "big" deal? Because, the most ominous implication of the new model is that the LHC machine at CERN has been constructed under false safety premises. Consensus theory predicts that any black-hole material, produced in the new machine, will evaporate harmlessly away. However the problem with these evaporating-assurances is that there is no tangible evidence supporting them. The new model predicts that mini black-holes will be stable--100% in conflict with consensus speculations. If the new model is correct, then LHC could unleash an unstoppable cascade.

Also, because it is highly unlikely that the particle physicists will walk away from their biggest toy ever, the target audience became the "lay" science oriented reader. Therefore, please excuse the writing-style. I employed metaphor, analogy, and explained small details (that a "scientist" might be insulted by) to aid the processing of this work for the layman. The reason was tactical: at this late hour, the only possible way to stop LHC is through public pressure, which means trying to awake the lay-giant. You can access my book at or if you wish it in print, it is available at online bookstores.