Saturday, September 05, 2009

The following is from the Secretariat of the IWA-AIT, the anarcho-syndicalist international.
Serbia, Belgrade, URGENT! call From: IWA-AIT Secretariat - Comrades From ASI Arrested!:
We are informing you that members of the Union Confederation “Anarcho-syndicalist Initiative”, Ratibor Trivunac (who is currently delegated to the duty of IWA-AIT General Secretary), Tadej Kurepa and Ivan Vulovic have been arrested today (September, 3rd) under the fabricated charges of “causing general public danger”( some sort of charge equivalent to "breathing"-Molly ), after they were forcibly taken in for interrogation by the police. It is yet unconfirmed if other comrades were arrested.
We are trying to get in contact with their lawyers and to establish what are the exact charges against them and their legal status. We will keep you informed of the developments.
The IWA Secretariat can be reached by usual email address.
IWA-AIT Secretariat,
Belgrade, 3rd September 2009

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