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This is one of those "weird things" stories that leave you shaking your head. If the responsible party was anything other than an arrogant international company (or maybe some USA primitivist outfit) you'd have to say "bullshit" immediately. But the crime fits the criminal profile. It seems that other workers represented by the United Steel Workers Canada, employed by contracting companies not connected to the present USW strike against Vale Inco, have walked out over certain "food issues" in Voisey's Bay Newfoundland. "Expired yogurt", yeah I'm sure. I guess that the guys should be grateful to their corporate masters that it wasn't a piece of an old boot...or many the general manager's shorts. Hey wait, maybe that slipped by in the lasagna. Here is the honest to God report from the CBC. Digest it as best you can.

Voisey's Bay workers complain about bad food:
A United Steelworkers union representative planned to meet with workers Monday at the Voisey's Bay nickel mine in northern Labrador about complaints of unsafe working conditions and unfit food.

More than 60 workers at the mine owned by Vale Inco of walked off the job on Friday. On Saturday, Occupational Health and Safety representatives ruled that working conditions were safe, and the workers returned.

The workers, who are employed by two contractors, aren't part of an ongoing strike that started Aug. 1 by more than 200 Vale Inco workers, catering staff and security personnel at the Voisey's Bay mine.

United Steelworkers union staff representative Boyd Bussey said he doesn't consider the job action his members took on Friday a walkout.

"They're exercising their right under the Occupational Health and Safety Act refusing to work on grounds of safety," Bussey said.

Among the workers' complaints is the food being served in the Voisey's Bay mine's cafeteria.

Workers complained of outdated food and mouldy bread(Nothing like a little penicillin-Molly).

One worker reportedly found part of a glove in his food.

"They had to go back to work, but they're still not eating or drinking the food up there, the cooked food," Bussey said. "What they're telling me is that they're scrounging off crackers and cheese and stuff, whatever they can find. It's a terrible situation."

Vale Inco management dismissed the union's claims, saying the complaint of outdated food is being based on an out-of-date fruit and yogurt cup (one cup?- Molly)that was found in the kitchen (did the workers go rooting about the kitchen ?-Molly). The glove story is more believable.

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