Tuesday, September 08, 2009

After meeting with the managers of the Lanark Community Living Association Ontario MPP sent them a letter last Friday expressing disappointment in their handling of the strike at the centre involved. Here's the story from the Ottawa Sun, via the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).
Harsh words for management in community living strike:
CARLETON PLACE — Dissatisfied with results of a recent meeting held with managers of the striking Lanark Community Living service, area MPP Randy Hillier fired off a letter on Friday reminding them that, as “the taxpayer’s representative,” he has an obligation to ensure value for public money invested.

Expressing diminished confidence in management, Hillier said he must also be certain that disadvantaged clients of the service are receiving the necessary care while 92 CUPE workers remain off the job after three months.

Meanwhile, contracts with all other similar associations across the province have been settled.

No progress has been made in bringing the sides together here since mediation talks were held in the dispute about 10 days ago.

Onside with the CUPE position, Hillier said he was disturbed to learn that LCL executive director and chief negotiator Rick Tutt booked medical leave during the labour disruption which “in all likelihood, will insure this strike continues for at least another month.”

“Clearly, prior knowledge that the negotiator would be unavailable for negotiations ought to have elevated the importance to find common ground or other options for community care.”

Hillier has intervened in the stalemate in several ways, including demanding meetings with Tutt and the board, and sending a letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty requesting appointment of a provincial trustee to oversee both care of LCL clients and the stalled negotiations.

“I am left wondering how the association justifies receiving full provincial funding, yet (during the strike) only provides limited services to residents of group homes,” Hillier wrote to Tutt and board members.

“There currently is a large segment of clients who are not receiving any mandated services at all, while the cost to the public remains the same.”
CUPE ould like you to send further letters to the management at the Lanark County Assisted Community Living facility. Please go to THIS LINK to send the following letter.
Why are you not respecting your workers’ wishes to have a pension plan that’s available to other ACL workers in the province?

Refusing every no-cost proposal for a pension plan has pushed your workers to the picket line. This will hurt the very people that you are mandated to help.

It’s time for you to show true leadership and respect your workers by offering them a fair contract with a pension plan that will end this strike.

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