Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Giumarra Corporation is the world's largest supplier of table grapes. Despite their size and profitability they are determined to squeeze every last cent of profit out of their workers. The campaign of the United Farm Workers against abuses by this corporation was mentioned earlier this month on this blog. Here's another appeal from the UFW to sign their online petition against this high handed way of treating workers.
We're almost there. Won't you help?:
We've been telling you about the situation that exists at Giumarra vineyards and the online petition we launched for the workers. Our goal is to get 25,000 signatures by the end of the month.

We are almost there. With the number of signatures supporters have committed to turning into us this week, we have more than 23,000. We just have approximately 2,000 more signatures to go.

Please help: Sign the petition demanding that Giumarra treat its workers with dignity and respect!

Approximately one out of every ten bunches of grapes picked in the U.S. comes from workers for a single company--Giumarra. Yet, for all their hard work, Giumarra has for years refused to treat those workers with even the most basic level of respect.

Farm workers should have the same rights as everyone else. It's time Giumarra got that message loud and clear. Help pump up the volume by signing the workers’ online petition today.
Please go to THIS LINK to sign the following online petition to the Giumarra Corporation. Show them that the world is watching.
Full Petition Text:
I am astonished and dismayed at the length that Giumarra goes to in order to keep workers under control. It reflects negatively on your company and the Giumarra Corporation's new label, Nature's Partner.
Giumarra has a history of intimidating and bullying workers. Back in 2006, Giumarra's unlawful interference forced a union election to be thrown out by an administrative judge. Your history with worker protection is also dismal with two farm workers dying from heat-related causes while laboring in your fields. While charges are being filed left and right, your company continues to violate the law.
Instead of moving forth in a new era, under your new label, you have chosen to rise to new levels of bad behavior. Using this tactic to force workers to pick faster under triple digit temperatures or to retaliate against a worker who has the nerve to question a supervisor is just wrong. How can you be Nature's Partner when your absurd quotas and intimidation force workers to endure the searing sun and go without water, shade and breaks?
It's time for your company to realize that you are not above the law. The consumers of Giumarra and your new Nature's Partner label are watching you. Treat the workers laboring in your fields with dignity and respect and stop retaliating against UFW supporters.

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