Saturday, September 05, 2009

The (take a deep breath) Insurrectionary People's Picture Show Theater here in Winnipeg is a local site devoted to showing the best of anarchist film and video. To my great pleasure their Friday offering was Lina Wertmüller's 'Love and Anarchy'. I've always been a great fan fan of Wertmüller's, and I sincerely hope that the IPPST will show some of her other films in the future. Also there is a previous short for those of us here in Winnipeg ie a documentary about the workers' co-op 'Organic Planet'. Now, I have to say that I have never been a great fan of the "organic food" movement, but the Organic Planet has other things to recommend it ie a commitment to local sourcing and the fact that it is a producers' co-op. Check out the two recent offerings above, and the many more on the IPPST.


Transcona Slim said...

The big question, which I'm going to post an essay in detail, is: what makes an "anarchist film"? is it one made by anarchists, one that has anarchist characters or one that has anarchist themes? And then, what are those themes?

mollymew said...

It's an interesting question Slim. Mind if I make it one of the questions on Molly's Polls ? Truth to tell I never thought about such matters of definition very much. If you go with all three of the matters that you have mentioned above it seems, to me, to be far too restrictive. I can probably think of "anarchist films" that wouldn't fulfill ANY one of the criteria, except for a vague "anarchist theme", and I do mean VAGUE. Food for thought.