Sunday, September 06, 2009

Since June 14 all maintenance and skilled trades employees at the TD Centre in downtown Toronto have been locked out by their employer, Cadillac Fairview Corporation. Here, from the CEP Union Blog, is the story and a petition you can sign in their support. For background refer to the website of CEP Local 2003.
GROUP OF 61 ( CEP Local 2003 ) Get Support From Toronto Labour Council
CEP members(and others-Molly ) please remember the group of 61 if your able to show your support one of the ways you can do it is by signing petition. As most of us go back into our regular routine of monthly meetings remember the group of 61.

Full Press Release
Fair settlements for locked out workers

The maintenance and skilled trades employees at the TD Centre have been locked out since June 14. In July, The Cadillac Fairview Corporation announced the mass termination of all 61 workers who are long-term employees with an average of more than 20 years service to the company. These Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union (CEP) Local 2003 members( ) have been maintaining a picket line 24 hours per day, seven days per week and are committed to defending their rights and making their employer engage in fair bargaining. Cadillac Fairview has assets of $16 billion dollars and this last fiscal year was the corporation's most lucrative ever with nearly a billion dollars in profit.
For further information:
Ken Marciniec,
Communications Coordinator,
Good Jobs for All Coalition,
(416) 803-6066,
or John Cartwright,
Toronto and York Region Labour Council,
(416) 999-5663
Please go to THIS LINK to sign the following petition.
Dear Mr Peter Sharpe
President & Chief Executive Officer
Cadillac Fairview Corporation
I am writing to let you know of my disgust at how Cadillac Fairview Corporation (CFC) is attempting to gut the collective agreement with the Communication Energy and Paperworkers Local 2003. It would seem that CFC is taking advantage of worker uncertainty and insecurity to lower the terms and the conditions of work. One would normally expect this of a Corporation but CFC is wholly owned by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan. To make matter even worst the last fiscal year was the most profitable with CFC making almost a billion dollars in profit. This is a far cry from a number of other corporations and industries that have been asking for government bail outs.
For the sake of the employees many who have over 20 years service and are response for your continued profitability; I would encourage you, CFC to get back to the bargain table with CEP Local 2003 and bargain in good faith.

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