Saturday, September 26, 2009

Coming up soon in Portland Oregon...the EConvergence. See their website for further details. Not a specifically anarchist events, but with anarchist input and some anarchist speakers. Here's their intro...
Economic and Ecological Crises:
Our nation and the world face two great crises. The financial crisis of 2008 triggered the worst economic slump since the Great Depression. Foreclosures, bankruptcies, and layoffs continue as older generations watch hard earned savings vanish, younger families live in fear of layoffs and bills they cannot pay, students despair of finding jobs when they graduate, and immigrants face detention and deportation. Meanwhile, the government lavishes trillion dollar bailouts without conditions on the Wall Street banks whose reckless behavior brought on the crisis, but vacillates when it comes to launching aggressive programs to help those who live on Main Street.

The greatest ecological crisis humanity has ever faced continues unabated. Temperatures rise, ice melts, and rain forests disappear as the planet lurches forward into dangerous, uncharted waters. Meanwhile, well-heeled lobbyists for fossil fuel industries and global agribusiness gear up in Washington DC and State legislatures across the country to stymie attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Northwest region of the United States has pioneered effective responses to environmental and economic problems in the past. A decade ago the “Battle for Seattle” during the World Trade Organization Ministerial meetings sparked a critical reevaluation of neoliberal globalization. Now that this model has been discredited, it is time for us to collectively determine what comes next.

This October, a group of internationally known speakers headed by Noam Chomsky will join academics, activists, and visionary thinkers from the Northwest region in Portland, Oregon to explore the way forward out of the twin crises challenging humanity. The gathering will take place in downtown Portland at the First Unitarian Church, whose ministries have a long history of aiding campaigns promoting social justice and environmental preservation, and at nearby Portland State University.

More than forty environmental, labor, human rights, social justice, student, peace, and community organizations from all over the Northwest have been working together since the beginning of the year to organize the conference. The program committee received over a hundred exciting proposals for panels, workshops, and cultural events in response to its RFP. Each day there will be plenaries as well as scores of panels and workshops exploring how we can make positive changes within our communities and push national leaders to respond more effectively to the economic and environmental crises.

If you would like to know more, or get involved in planning the conference as an individual or as a participating organization, visit the “contact” section of the web site.

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