Saturday, September 26, 2009

The following announcement is from the Canadian anti-militarist group . They have a new book out, 'Afghanistan and Canada'. Canadians generally like to feel oh-so-superior to Americans, but our actions, as mercenaries for the American Empire, in the seemingly endless Afghan war have been less than exemplary. Read all about it. Here's the announcement.
New Book: Afghanistan and Canada:
Contributions by Tariq Ali, Peggy Mason, Walter Dorn, Stephen Cornish, Murray Dobbin, Linda McQuaig, and others

I am very pleased to tell you that a new book is available that examines positive alternatives to the terrible war in Afghanistan.

My co-editor, Lucia Kowaluk, and I asked writers and experts from across Canada to give us their analysis of the war, and suggest how Canada can best work to bring peace to this troubled country.

The result is Afghanistan and Canada: Is There an Alternative to War? (Black Rose Books, 2009).

I have signed several copies, which I want to make available to you.

I know that you will enjoy the contributions by Michael Neuman, Murray Dobbin, D’Abord Solidaires, John W. Warnock, Tariq Ali, Échec à la Guerre, Stephen Cornish, Linda McQuaig, Ira Basen, Ligue des droits et libertés, Richard Preston, Cheshmak Farhoumand-Sims, Asad Ismi, Rose Marie Whalley, John Foster, A. Walter Dorn, Pierre Beaudet, Claude Castonguay, Richard Preston, Peggy Mason, and many others.

We have opened a section of called Gear, where you can pick up great other great books, pins, and even campaign tools.

I hope you enjoy it.

In peace,

Steven Staples,

P.S. If you live in the Ottawa region, we are hosting a book launch on Friday, October 2. Please join us.

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