Friday, September 04, 2009


It's back to school this coming week, but for workers in the cafeteria at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania times are not as pleasant as they are engaged in a long struggle to have their union rights recognized by management. Here's the story and appeal from the Workers United Union. Give them a hand with your own protests.
Back to school trouble:‏
Back to school season should be an exciting time for college cafeteria workers like me. But the Aramark corporation who runs the cafeteria at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, is standing in the way of me and my coworkers having the fair treatment, assistance and respect we deserve. We need your help.

Ask the President of our college to tell Aramark to stop serving workers a raw deal.

For months now, international food service giant Aramark has refused to let our union represent us when we have problems on the job--like harassment from our managers and intimidation from our managers. Going back to school without our union is a recipe for disaster.

We have been demonstrating on weekends and after work to demand respect from our bosses but so far, Aramark isn't listening to us. That's why we need your help calling on someone they will listen to: one of their clients. We are asking the university's leaders to call up Aramark and tell them to respect us and let our union, Workers United, represent us on the job.

On this Labor Day weekend, will you join us?

Ask Dr. Tony Atwater, President of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, to tell Aramark to stop their recipe for disaster.
Joyce Gromley
Aramark Cafeteria Shop Steward,
Indiana U of Pa.
Pennsylvania Joint Board
Workers United
Click on one of the links highlighted above to send the following letter to Dr. Tony Atwater, the University President.
Dear Dr. Atwater,
Food service workers at Indiana University of Pennsylvania need your help. Aramark, the company that operates the university's cafeterias, is keeping workers from having the union representation they democratically chose.

Food service workers at IUP voted last spring to become a part of a new union, Workers United - a move that should have no impact on their union contract or on Aramark. However, Aramark has refused to recognize their union. Without their union, workers say they aren't getting the respect they deserve. Grievances against the company for unfair treatment are piling up - unable to be resolved because Aramark will not give union representatives have the access to workers the contract requires.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and its Regional Directors have repeatedly found that employers like Aramark must continue to recognize local unions that are now part of Workers United. In more than 100 locations across the country, Aramark is recognizing and negotiating with Workers United. IUP should be no different. Workers have walked off the job and are currently picketing before and after work to demand that their union be respected.

The President has the power to tell Aramark that this unfair and disrespectful treatment will not be tolerated on the IUP campus. IUP students, faculty and staff deserve a fair and responsible food service provider. Please tell Aramark that they need to respect their IUP employees and recognize their union.

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