Friday, September 11, 2009

According to the following from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) the strike at the Lanark County Assisted Community Living facility has been settled, and the people involved will soon be back at work. The workers involved achieved at least some gains, but it is uncertain just how much of a victory this is. The following press release, of course, emphasizes the positive in the contract that the workers accepted while taking some well justified swipes at management. Without being directly involved it is hard to tally up the positives and the negatives of the contract that was finally accepted. One thing is sure...I rarely read an union press release about a contract that is anything but 100% triumphalist, unless the final result was a total defeat. In which case it is described as a "partial victory". Here's the announcement, and CUPE has offred their thanks to all those who responded to their appeal for internet solidarity.
Settlement ends Lanark ACL strike:
A ten week long strike at the Lanark County Community Living Association ended Sept. 10, when CUPE 1521.02 members ratified a two year contract.
The strike began July 4.
The contract expands RRSP coverage to all employees, removes management’s contracting-out proposals and commits management to flow ministry funding earmarked for workers in 2007.
“Everyone is very pleased to be going to back to work and supporting the people who depend on them at Community Living, but none of us are happy about a strike that was forced upon us by a reckless local management.” said CUPE National Representative Doreen Beath.
“Now that the strike is over, CUPE is looking to the provincial government to move quickly on our formal request for an operational review of the local agency’s finances.” said Doreen Beath who noted that CUPE’s call for an operational review was supported by area MPP, Conservative, Randy Hillier. (THAT is significant. Maybe management can cop a plea of temporary insanity-Molly )
“This strike didn’t need to happen,” Beath said, “and is a direct result of the Community Living Board of Directors having surrendered leadership of the agency to an out of control Executive Director.”
Community living workers, members of CUPE 1521.02 provide support and care for adults with intellectual disabilities.

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