Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have expressed my admiration for our dearly beloved comrade leader Steven Harper many times before on this blog. Not for any great moral convictions on his part, for he has none, but for his sheer stellar political skill. Standing atop an unstable coalition of evangelical nutters and free market ideologues he has set his sights on the ultimate goal- power, and he has occasionally stumbled but never faltered in his pursuit of this goal. No doubt the knives will be especially sharp when he eventually fails , and there is no indication that he will pull off what is impossible ie a majority Conservative consensus amongst the population. When he falls expect a long period in the wilderness for Canadian conservatism. Not for want of trying on his part.
His skill was demonstrated in the last few days when the legislation for the Canadian/Colombian Free Trade Pact was removed from the order paper of the House of Commons. Not that it is a burning issue to most Canadians, but Harper wants as few distractions as possible as he waits for the calends when the polls favour him to call an election. The following is from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) thanking those who have written both the government, and the equally treacherous Liberal Party, opposing the deal(see previous items at this blog). No doubt the letters had some effect, but Molly is still of the opinion that the need to avoid "distraction" was the major reason for this decision.
Temporary victory on Canada-Colombia trade deal‏:
Once again, the Harper government has blinked and taken the Canada Colombia free trade agreement off the order paper, after your voices and those of other Canadians made them realize that it wouldn't be an easy passage in their first week back.
However, the Conservatives are still determined to get this through despite the Colombian governments deplorable record on human rights and the growing scandal of government officials connected to narco traficking and para military groups.
When the act is re-introduced, we will be asking you to once again continue to put pressure on your officials. Thank you for your ongoing support of human rights in Colombia.

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janfromthebruce said...

Good, reprieve for human rights and supporting a govt who murders its own people. thanks Molly.