Friday, September 18, 2009

The following came to Molly's attention via the Olympic Resistance Network in Vancouver.
Mon., Sept. 28 - Civil Liberties and the Olympics panel‏:
[Hey all - Not an Olympic Resistance Network event, but members will be speaking along with others on the impacts of the Olympics on basic rights and freedoms.]
The Right to the City:
Civil Liberties and the 2010 Olympics panel organised by Impact on Communities Coalition/BC Civil Liberties Association

Monday, September 28, 2009, 7-9pm

@ SFU Harbour Centre

As the 2010 Olympics approach, the possibility of civil liberties violations have been cited by a number of community organizations as a major concern despite assurances from VANOC, government partners and the Integrated Security Unit that rights will be protected. With 16,500 security personnel scheduled to be part of the largest peacetime operation in Canadian history, impacts are already being felt. Ticketing of residents in the inner-city, home and workplace visits of social activists by members of the Integrated Security Unit and a new bylaw passed by the City of Vancouver which places the rights of corporate sponsors ahead of the rights of citizens are only a few of the immediate impacts.
This discussion will take a critical view of the policies and framework which have been established and contextualize these processes as part of broader urban development schemes in the inner-city and methods of criminalizing dissent. [Good speakers lined-up, and one dork in a hoody - come out and guess which is which! ;) ]
David Eby, Executive Director, BCCLA
Matt Hern, Writer
Stefanie Ratjen, Board Member, IOCC
Harsha Walia, Social Activist
Alissa Westergard-Thorpe, Olympic Resistance Network
Jeff Derksen, SFU professor
David Dennis, President-Elect, United Native Nations (UNN)
Moderated by Am Johal, Chair,
Impact on Communities Coalition FB event info:

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