Sunday, August 16, 2009

There's a new benefit CD out, with proceeds going to the Moscow Anarchist Black Cross. Like most Anarchist Black Cross groups in Europe, and especially Eastern Europe, the Moscow ABC has more than enough on its plate without searching the prisons for Maoist bank robbers who have had a jailhouse conversion to anarchism. The state is more repressive there, and there are numerous instances of victimization of anarchists. In other words the Moscow ABC does great work. Support them if you can. Here's the promo from the Moscow ABC website. The following has been slightly edited for English grammar.
35 songs from groups from different countries, packed in a digisleave with all lyrics and translations attached. Full cover art you may see at

All proceedings from the CD go to legal and material support for the anarchist and the anti-fascist movements, such as parcels to prisons, lawyer and medical bills.

Solidarity should not be an empty world. Do not leave friends without support; after all any one of us could be in their place. Solidarity - it is when every day we may feel the hand of a friend, and we know that we will never be alone.

Often we may not know personally whoever needs help, but it should not be a barrier, as solidarity means support to and from all of those who share your values and views.

You may order disk from abc-msk AT riseup DOT net. - 8 euros retail, 5 euros wholesale. Wholesale is at least 10 CD's could be different - check our current distro list before. Trade welcome.
ABC Moscow website:
Prisoner list:
abc-msk (at)

1 Razor Bois - Behind The Walls

2 Oi Polloi - Violation

3 Skarpretter - Fuck you system

4 Kakistocracy - Claustrophobia

5 No relax - El ultimo viaje

6 MDC – Let's Kill All The Cops

7 Folie а trois - Cloacas fabricadas por el miedo

8 I know - Two sides of one coin

9 Riot on the Radio - Zakrytye dveri - goryaschie serdca (Open doors - burning hearts)

10 Working boys - S.L.O.N.

11 Anarchoi - Pigs In Their Troughs

12 @patia No - Atrapado

13 Ted KachinskiyChernaya Mast' (Black suit)

14 Eastfield - Pepper

15 Distress - Kontrol' (Control)

16 Pito Carcoma - Ay Margarita

17 Crowd Control - Ruka Pomoschi (Helping Hand)

18 Appleshout - 1937

19 Anarchist Noise Club - Quartier Haute Se'curite'

20 Marshak - Khursheda

21 Fast music means love - This is medicine

22 La Socie'te' Elle A Mauvaise Haleine - Les Oublie'Es...

23 Lisichkin Khlem - Nikomu ne izvestniy geroy (A hero nobody knows)

24 Bernays Propaganda – Den pred da isceznam

25 FxPxOx - Eternal Transition

26 Dead Heros - 4 years flat

27 Doktor Bormental' - Norma

28 the Minc - Verni svoyu zhizn' (Reclaim your life)

29 Boiling Point - Izmislena Borba (Ne E Se Kako Sto Izgleda (Part 02))

30 Feine sahne fischfilet - Eine lange zeit

31 Nightmare On Sesame Street - I Hate Fuckin' Cops (Rubber Souls)

32 Fight For Fun - Pravo ne ubivat'! (A right not to kill)

33 Komatoz - V ramkah Zakona (In framework of the law)

34 Irrlicht - Knast

35 What We Feel - Otklonenie ot skhemy (a deviation from scheme)

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