Saturday, August 08, 2009

The following item is from the Saving Iceland website. In the past few days Saving Iceland has been escalating their protests against the development of aluminum smelting in their country. You can read more about the issue and their campaign at their website. Here's the story.
Noisy Demonstration by the Police Station - Two More Arrested:
UPDATE: 04:30 - Everybody has been released.
After the brutal arrest of 5 people during a Saving Iceland protest today (read about it with clicking here), around thirty people gathered by the police station in Reykjavík to protest against the arrest of their comrades and the police violence. During the noisy demonstration, two more people were arrested after trying to blockade the fence of the parking lot by the station. According to witnesses, one of them was seriously injured by the police who beat him until he bled.

We have received no proper photos yet, but hope to be able to put them on the website as soon as possible, as well as more information.

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