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The following announcement came to Molly's attention via the Anarchist Black Cat discussion board. See the end of this post for the original sources. The Greek island of Lesvos/Lesbos has been the site of previous anarchist inspired 'No Borders' camps as participants from across Europe and beyond come together to struggle for the anarchist ideal of a free and open world with no restrictions on movement. The 'Frontex' (from the French Frontières extérieures) referred to below is the EU agency in charge of external border security. It became operational on October 3, 2005.
Lesvos No Border Camp: The Program:
The NoBorders Camp is taking place at Lesvos on August 25-31.
The camp’s program is as follows:
Tuesday 25/08: Arrival
Wednesday 26/08: European migration conditions This day we will discuss about the conditions of borders and migration, trying to combine issues of European politics, experiences from migrants, political interventions and mobilisations from different parts of the European borders (with emphasis given to Greece, Italy, Spain). In the evening an open discussion/event will take place at the city of Mytilene.
Thursday 27/08: Contact with the local society Since one of the primary aims of the camp is the communication and consciousness -raising of the local society, this day will see events, discussions and actions across the island (in Molyvos, Plomari, Kalloni, Ayiasos).
Friday 28/08: Detention Centres The issues of the criminalisation of migration, of the detention, isolation and of the (denial) of migrant rights will be the main topics of discussion this day. In the evening a mobilisation will take place at the Pagani detention centre, ending up at the city of Mytilene.
Saturday 29/08: Frontex, Port-police, Border status Central topics of discussion here will be the policing of the borders (border police, port-police) as well as the constantly increasing activity of Frontex at the European borders. In the evening a protest will take place at the port. Sunday 30/08: Work, precarity, migration The main aim of this day is to link up the issue of migration with that of work and migration, while issues of nationality, class, gender and religious identity will also be discussed.
Monday 31/08: Closing of the camp, final assembly
Every day: Assembly, seminars, discussions, screenings.
All groups wishing to organise workshops during the camp should get in touch at
For more information:
Kali Antamosi! (Until we meet!)

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