Monday, August 03, 2009

It's two more days, and it will be the Third Birthday of Molly's Blog. In that time I have posted close to 3,000 entries on this blog. The page views passed the 100,000 mark some time ago, and I am presently working on the 100,000 visitors mark. At the present time the visitors average about 100 per day. To my mind this is insufficient. Eugene Plawiuks's 'La Revue Gauche' still averages over 400 visitors per day even though Eugene has been "off line" for months". Obviously I'm not doing all that I should. Still....
In these three years Molly's Blog has seen a consistent improvement in both readership, layout and (I think) content. This blog has been repeatedly quoted by others in the blogosphere. In the months and years to come I hope to build on what has already been done. Expect the unexpected from the tiny cat in Winnipeg.
By the way, the 5th of August is also a full moon. I think it should be renamed as the 'Molly Moon'. That is, of course, my own ego speaking, but I do hope to present the proposal to the International Astronomical Society or at least the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.


Melanie said...

Congrats Molly. You know I usually read you through my RSS feeder. Not all stat counters pick that up. Maybe you have even more readers than you think.

Larry Gambone said...

Congratulations Molly! Best anarchist blog award should be forthcoming!