Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's like something out of 'The Grapes of Wrath'. At the Ruby Ridge dairy farm in eastern Washington state workers may be forced to work up to 14 hours a day without overtime nor breaks. the workers involved have appealed to the United Farm Workers for help. As the workers involved struggle to organize here is the story and appeal that the UFW has published.
Fight Brewing at Washington State Dairy:
Workers at Ruby Ridge Dairy in Eastern Washington complain of toiling ten, twelve, even fourteen hours a day. Not only do they not get overtime, they don't even get breaks. Nor do they get to stop and eat lunch. Try that, and the boss will threaten to fire them.

Under those conditions it's perhaps not surprising that four workers who went to the UFW for help have already gotten fired.

Workers are fed up with these horrendous conditions and have asked the UFW to represent them.The owners of Ruby Ridge have responded with more threats and intimidation. Faced with no other choice the UFW helped the workers file suit.

You can assist these workers in winning justice. Please contact Dick and Ruby Bengen, the owners of Ruby Ridge. Demand they respect workers, rehire the four workers who they fired, and recognize the UFW as the union of the workers' choosing.
This just in from the United Farm of the owners of the Ruby Ridge Dairy seems rather "touchy". There are some out there that just can't control their liquor. That's all fine and good...until they are walking around with a gun in their hands. One can only hope they are drunk enough to shoot themselves by mistake. The update...
Update: Your help is more urgently needed than ever at Ruby Ridge:
Ruby Ridge gives "under the gun" a new meaning
Wednesday, we asked for your help to get the jobs back for the four workers who were fired at Rudy Ridge dairy. Ruby Ridge's response? Fire four more workers. Since workers approached the dairy seeking UFW representation, the dairy has fired 20% of their workforce.

Even worse, workers lives' might be in danger. Workers report that Dick Bengen is now threatening workers with his gun. One Ruby Ridge worker said, "in reality we're all scared to risk our lives because Dick will shoot us with his weapon."

Remember, all this comes after workers have complained about working ten to fourteen hours and not getting paid for all their work and not being allowed to take their rest and lunch breaks.

Your email is urgently needed to tell the Bengens that their actions are profoundly wrong and will not be tolerated.
Please go to THIS LINK to send the following message to the owners of Ruby Ridge Dairy.
It is profoundly wrong to threaten to workers with your gun. It is also wrong to fire workers who simply want to have a union to represent them. I call on you to immediately cease your threats, keep your gun off the work site, rehire the eight workers you've fired, and negotiate with the UFW, the union of their choice.

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