Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Like many years before anarchists in japan will protest once more in the city of Hiroshima. They are protesting not just against the historical use of atomic weaponry against this city by the USA but also against its long connection with militarism, both in the past and in the present. As has always been the case the anarchists are the only consistent opponents of militarism in all its forms. The following is the story from the Asian Anarchist Network. It has been edited, as best I can, for English grammar.
@narchy in Hiroshima‏
Comrades & Friends;
This year, a part of anarchists living in the Japanese islands will be in front of Motoyasu-bridge, Hiroshima City. For over 20 years, a part of the militant anarchists living in the Japanese islands have done fierce agit-proping against the faked "peace", and have fierce brame (???"-Molly) about the faked "peace city". Hiroshima City is a city bombing by an a-bomb of the U$A. However, the city has also been an important military headquarters since the early 20 century, and near the city, there are 2 important navy base of Japan (Kure/Edajima Japanese navy base) and the U$ marine corp (Iwakuni City). From these bases, they have departed to the terrible warfare in Afghanistan/Iraq for over 19 years.
Anyway, at 8:15am on this morning, we will shout to the prime minister asou/mayor of Hiroshima City about fake peace in front of "Heiwa park=(peace park)" with our black flags. Thanx.
In struggle against faked peace.(rebel_JILL/ a day laborer)

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