Saturday, August 15, 2009

The following appeal is from the American Rights at Work Coalition, and it's about the stubborn anti-union tactics of the American pharmacy chain Rite-Aid. Workers at their warehouse in Lancaster California have unionized, but the company has continued to stall and pig-headedly refuses to bargain in good faith. Here's the story and appeal from the American Rights at Work group.
Tell Rite Aid: it's personal:‏
Tell Rite Aid: You're right, it's personal.
Rite Aid’s workers won an uphill battle to form their union, but now Rite Aid has delayed their negotiations for over a year.

You can help Rite Aid workers fight back.
Tell CEO Mary Sammons to stop delaying union negotiations.

You've seen it on TV. Smiling customers, happy employees, and the slogan: "Rite Aid. With us, it's personal."

Well here's what we take personally...

Rite Aid's employees faced a campaign of misinformation and intimidation for trying to form a union. After two years, they finally formed their union, but the company has stalled contract negotiations for over a year.

Rite Aid employees have been working non-stop to get their company to do the right thing, But they need our help to break this damaging stalemate.

Let's make it impossible for Rite Aid to ignore their workers any longer: Write CEO Mary Sammons right now.

Here's what's happening...

Rite Aid employees in Lancaster, CA, decided they wanted to form a union to improve working conditions, like sweltering heat in their warehouse. Rite Aid's response was to oppose the union. Workers reported they were threatened and intimidated, and some were even fired for supporting the union!

The federal government stepped in and prepared to charge Rite Aid with 49 labor law violations. But because Congress hasn't yet passed protections like the Employee Free Choice Act, Rite Aid has been able to repeatedly break the law, facing little more than a slap on the wrist.

The workers thought they finally had prevailed in March 2008 when they successfully voted to form a union. But Rite Aid refused to negotiate seriously with them, instead bringing in a notorious anti-union consulting firm to try and fight the workers!

These workers are paying the price for Rite Aid's delay tactics every day. Please, tell Rite Aid execs to bargain fairly with their workers!

American Rights at Work is pulling out all the stops to enact the Employee Free Choice Act, which would hold companies accountable for anti-union tactics like these. But until we pass that law, Rite Aid workers will need your help.
Thanks for all that you do.
Liz, Manny, Elizabeth B. and the American Rights at Work team
The Letter:
Please go to THIS LINK to send the following letter to Rite Aid management.
As a consumer who cares about working people, I am deeply troubled by reports that Rite Aid has used stalling tactics in its contract negotiations with workers at its distribution center in Lancaster, CA.

Interfering with workers' attempts to improve their lives and working conditions is wrong. Rite Aid has received big tax breaks, and promised good jobs, to locate in Lancaster. The public expects better.

I want Rite Aid to immediately reach an agreement with its workers. This is very important to me as a consumer. While I have heard things have improved somewhat thanks to their efforts and to the help of a mediator, I'm deeply disappointed that it has gone on for this long.

I plan to share the news of Rite Aid's treatment of its workers with my friends, co-workers, and members of the community. Your workers deserve to have a voice at work, and I firmly believe that they will use that voice to make the company better.

Again, I urge you to immediately reach a first union contract with your workers in Lancaster.

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