Monday, August 10, 2009

The following is from the website of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). Not that Molly agrees with all of the opinions presented in this comic style presentation of the roots of our present economic crisis, but she sure admires the artful way that they are presented. All too often radical opinions, anarchist ones amongst them, are presented in the most turgid, soporific and inaccessible form imaginable(can we say "pissed modernism"?). This is not true of this collection, and Molly recommends it highly as a sterling example of how propaganda should be done. Hopefully the downloads work in this reprint.
We Didn't Start The Fire: An Illustrated Guide to the Economic Crisis and Capitalism:

Download these comics that explain how aspects of the financial system, economy and capitalism work.
Introduction by A.J. Withers
Blowing Bubbles by Paul Daniel
Trickle Down Credit by A.J Withers
The Hedge of Reason by A.J. Withers
Capitalism by A.J. Withers
Back To The Futures by A.J. Withers
Keynes On The Brain by Laura Mac
Capitalonialism 101001 by Griffin Epstein

This comic may be reproduced in full or in part provided that credit is given to the artist and any proceeds go to anti-capitalist community organizing.

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