Saturday, August 29, 2009

Molly has often mentioned how the ideas of anarchism are spreading and turning up in areas where they have been long fallow and even in parts of the world where they had little currency before. South and Central America are, of course, not virgin territory in terms of anarchist ideas, but it has still been gratifying to see how anarchism is once more setting down roots in areas where it was once so strong. Not so long ago Molly announced the web debut of groups from Peru and Bolivia. Now here's an announcement from Costa Rica. This country has been mentioned here before, but the group involved seemed to be dormant. Now their magazine La Libertad is out and about in its 10th edition.
The following is an English translation from the orginal Spanish which appeared at THIS LINK on the Anarkismo site.
[Costa Rica] La Libertad 10 hits the streets:
Better late than never ...
To the community of our readers , the most sincere of apologies: Much has happened to the editorial team of La Libertad, new spaces have opened and others have unfortunately closed . We have had to undertake a restructuring process, at both the personal and group level. If not for the support of many people who have demonstrated their love for this project, there would have been no new issue. A thank you to everyone.
** Editorial
**Notes on Costa Rican unionism
**Speech and Action
**May 1, repression and anarchist memory
** Anarchism in El Salvador
**Augusto Cesar Sandino, a free man
**Validity of anarchist thinking in Costa Rica
**Paradoxes of work
**Health, an approach to a social problem from an emergency service
**The ego, anarchism and the rules of living
**The insurgent
**Bitter Humor
Those who are interested in distributing our publication please communicate by email.
Costa Rica 500 colones
Foreign: $ 1 or 1 euro
Salud y libertad

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