Friday, August 07, 2009

The following is from the Asian Anarchist Network, and it features a melodrama with a innocent park tied to the tracks and an evil corporate villain by the name of NIKE trying to get the deed to the ranch- or at least the park in this case. One of the few green spaces in the Shibuya Ward of Tokyo Miyashita Park was opened in 1930. In 1964 the park suffered its first indignity because of the Tokyo Olympics as it was "redesigned". The Shibuya River was converted into an underground drainage conduit, and a parking lot was built where the park had been. The park was then reconstructed on soil dumped back onto the parking lot. Strange but true. Now Nike wants to buy out the park, and use it as an advertising gimmick. Here's the story.
Smash Nike:‏
Urgent call for action, protest and solidarity.
Smash Nike Japan's plan to take over and privatise a public park in central Tokyo (Miyashita Park in Shibuya ward) by purchasing "naming rights" from the local Shibuya Ward Council and building paid sports facilities including a skate park, rock climbing wall, etc.. Shibuya Ward is estimated to receive approximately 150 million yen over 5 years, and NIKE, the sporting giant infamous for its exploitation in South East Asian sweatshops, will gain yet another prime location for advertisement.
...And the homeless who have no where else to go, are again in danger of losing homes and basic living rights.
Just stop it.
Time is pressing.
The DEADline is September 1.
The "NIKE Park" project was officially announced on June 11 at the Shibuya Ward Council meeting. Construction is planned to start on September 1. Only one month ahead.
Your actions, protests and solidarity will be most helpful and effective in making Japanese society become aware and raise questions to this scandalous project called "NIKE Park". Please send in your action footage, reports and solidarity comments, etc., to: .
Today, on July 31, a protest action in front of the NIKE Japan headquarters in Tokyo will be held. And of course, more to come.
In solidarity.
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