Sunday, August 09, 2009

As regular readers of this blog know I am forever updating the Links section, both adding items and deleting dead links. A lot of this action is performed using scraps of paper on which I have written the items in question, and, as may be expected, the "to do" pile keeps getting shuffled like a pack of cards. Thus, earlier today, I accidentally added one item from the bizarre mutation known as "national anarchism". Like most such outré examples of ideological monsters this item came from the USA. There must be a lot of stray radiation in that part of the world. It is the throbbing heart of many sorts of "para-anarchisms", such as primitivism and post leftism, that hardly bear any family resemblance to anarchism elsewhere.
I guess that I should have checked before I listed, but, in the interests of efficiency I usually leave that sort of thing to the confirmation check after adding the link. I'm very glad I at least do this. The link to the great sewer minds has been duly removed. While being a pretty comprehensive listing of anarchists contacts of various sorts and persuasions this blog does have certain standards. What the so-called "national anarchists" have done is take justifiable doubt about such things as political correctness and identity politics (which can get pretty weird themselves) and attempt a strange marriage between two things that are obviously genetically incompatible, the mountain flower of anarchism and the dung beetle of fascism. Needless to say the children produced are quite monstrous.
No doubt this is an easy target. Sort of like something that a blind man could hit at midnight at the bottom of a coal mine. So far I can remember only one other item that I have removed from this list when I was advised of its real nature. If I recall correctly it was anti-Semitic. Some things, however, are much more subtle. Are there any of the links here that any readers find morally objectionable ? I say morally , not politically. No bitching about how some of the links here are religious please. Please advise me of such, and I'll look into it.


Andrew Yeoman said...


I find your whole patronizing tone morally objectionable. Your analogy of genetics, dung beetles, and fascism, is equally contrived. Rather than ramble on about your link adding methodology why don't you provide the exact ideological reasons you find wrong with NA? Since you obviously have no basis for understanding the traditional modes of society due to your education I'm sure theanswer will by thorough and enlightening.

Andrew Yeoman

mollymew said...

I don't think that I have to give any "ideological" reasons for opposing fascism, rascism or any of the other evils that those who want to be goofy and marry it to anarchism hold to. The "traditional mosdes" of society ??? I guess that this is some cultish code for what fascists imagine life was like in the past.
If I am "patronizing", well good and proper. If I offend fascists well this is also good and proper. There is NO overwhelming basis for any fascist ideology. It is evil, disguising itself with pseudo-intellectual verbiage.
So...if you feel insulted, well that makes me very happy.

Andrew Yeoman said...

LOL, on the contrary, being patronizing to your readers is never a good idea. You can label me however you want but the fact remains that human societies remain tribal societies and I know which tribes I feel affinity with and which I do not. I have the right to voluntary association and I will exercise that right to the fullest extent possible and do everything I can to oppose your dalliance with fascist multicultural totalitarianism promoted by the government.

Have a good day,
Andrew Yeoman

mollymew said...

Have a bad day yourself.
For those interested in how some try to make up for their perceived (or actual) inferiority by adopting childish pseudo-ideologies and group identification. I suggest the works of Eric Hoffer. As the fascist says very clearly there is NO intellectual content to the bullshit. It all some emotional attempt to cling to a myth of "something larger", and a myth it definitely is. There is nothing to argue about. I don't like the emotions. I think they are unworthy of an adult. I especially don't like the moral consequences.