Saturday, August 08, 2009

Radio Revolt is a "pirate radio" operations broadcasting from a squatted railway car (of all places) in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. Recently there was a second arson attempt in less than a month at their premises. Here is their statement from the Athens Indymedia site. the following has been slightly edited for English grammar.
About the 2nd attack on Radio Revolt:
Yesterday night, only 15 days after the first failed arson attempt on the squatted train car where Radio Revolt is housed, there was a second attack. The perpetrators manage to break a small window and pour flammable fluids into the interior and cause a fire, with the result of small damages to the station's lounge.

As all comrades pointed out, and to the great disappointment of the perpetrators , Radio Revolt didn't stop broadcasting for a single minute. This second attack doesn't scare us, worry us, or surprise us. The long expected attack against free anarchist – antiauthoritarian- groups and spaces is reaching a peak these days: attacks also took place at the Fabrika Yfanet squat and at the Prapopoulou and Villa Amalias squats in Athens. And we say we are not afraid , because from the moment we stopped being afraid of the guns and the teargas of the police we ,of course, aren't going to be afraid of ridiculous attacks on unguarded targets. And we say we are not worried because Radio Revolt, no matter what happens, will continue to transmit messages and voices against the state, bosses, fascists and the para-state. And we say we are not surprised because it is a fact that we are at war with the state and capital . Let it be the Dean's authority that from the day he first started trying to repress the station, let it be the cop/fascists hands that started yesterday's fire. They should all be sure that the modern anarchist revolutionary movement , in which Radio Revolt has a small part, will really soon make them history. It should be taken as granted that we will find them very soon.
ARM YOUR VOICE Thessaloniki 5-8-2009 Radio Revolt

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