Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Management at the Lanark County Association of Community Living have finally agreed to bargain with their workers who have been on strike since July 4. As the following article from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) shows, however, they are not quite ready for serious bargaining yet. Read the following,and if you can respond to the workers' appeal for still more messages to the management.

Lanark ACL's first day of bargaining in five weeks‏:
It's possible they forgot to bring a pen.

In the first day of bargaining between CUPE 1521.01 and Lanark Association of Community Living, management listened all day as the union put new and creative proposals on the table to end the strike that began Jul. 4.

And management negotiators put nothing down on paper. All day.

Meanwhile, management has a hired a contractor to manage replacement workers - at least one of which told the union they were hired on a twelve week contract.

It looks like they're trying to prolong the strike at the expense of some of the county's most vulnerable citizens.

Shame on them.

Please Send them another message. Delete the sample text that's there now and just tell them how badly they're behaving and how it's time for them to end the strike.

Please also use the links below to share this message on Facebook, Twitter and email it to your friends. We've sent them 544 messages so far. Can we double that?

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