Friday, May 18, 2007

Students at three different educational institutions in the state of California have initiated actions that they wish online support for:
A:Senior high school students in Petaluma, CA are waging a campaign to make the Petaluma School District sweat shop free. This means that the Board should adopt a Code of Conduct that states that all school clothing purchased should only from factories that respect workers' rights. To see more about this campaign or to join go to
B: Other students at the University of California in both the Berkley and the Santa Cruz campuses staged a sit-in in support of the right of campus custodians to a living wage. The University of California administration has long resisted calls for the release of monies that were actually allocated to resolve this problem. To support these students and the U. of C. janitors go to
C: In relation to the above campaign the University administration of the Berkley campus sent the campus police to arrest the students who were sitting in at the UC Berkley Poverty Center. 25 students were arrested and charged because of their peaceful protest. To show solidarity with those arrested and to protest the administration's actions go to

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