Thursday, May 31, 2007

While prowling the internet on matters Chinese in relation to the pet food crisis Molly came upon this very interesting Chinese website; Danwei. This site has a recent comment on the matter of poisoned pet food and how it relates to the continued problem of food safety in China by the Chinese blogger Lian Yue. The site also contains independent comment on many other matters pertaining to the Middle Kingdom. Not a flaming radical site by any measure but simply evidence that independent thought in China is not dead. News about internet censorship in China is routinely featured.
Speaking of which, Molly continues to receive regular hits from China(and Hong Kong and Macao). Whatever the "result" kicked out by the Great Firewall of China site that I commented on earlier it appears that Molly's Blog at least is not censored in China. One hit even came through via a Google search for "anarchist news". When I open a Chinese version of this blog the name will probably be 'Mol Yee'. Bad joke I'm sure.

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opit said...

I had a British customer years back who owned a Shar Pei - a Chinese Wrinkles dog ( I had one myself. They're called the 'veterinarian's friend' for good reason ) His thought was to give him a Chinese-sounding name ; Moo-Chin.