Thursday, May 31, 2007


More news on the melamine front yesterday. In a news release the FDA announced that there has been a voluntary recall of livestock, fish and shrimp feeds produced by two companies, Tembec BTLSR of Toledo, Ohio and Uniscope of Johnstown, Colorado. In these cases the melamine was presumably used as a binding agent to make the pellets hold together (though it would, as an aside, increase the "apparent" protein content of the feeds). These two companies are American, and this recall involves no Chinese ingredients. It should also be noted that the addition of melamine to these products is a long standing practice, and one wonders why it took almost three months for this to become public since the beginning of the pet food crisis. Melamine is not approved as a feed additive. Tembec is a subsidiary of the Montreal based forestry company of the same name. The FDA also reports that the feed products of these two companies also contain urea-formaldehyde resin, most commonly used in insulation. No notice of these recalls appears on the webpages of the companies mentioned as of this morning.

On another front there is an article today on the Reuters News Agency that reports on the cost of the scandal to Menu Foods. The direct costs, excluding lost sales and possible legal costs are so far about $45 million. As for more serious penalties the China Daily reported yesterday that an article in the Peoples' Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, called the death sentence of former Chinese drug czar Zheng Xiaoyu a "warning to other officials". This is further evidence of the determination of the Chinese government to try and at least "be seen" as addressing problems, even if the solution of terror rather than addressing systematic problems is inadequate.


Green Assassin Brigade said...

China's crimes go beyond this one incident as I pointed out just Monday about 20% of toys and clothes not passing safety inspections.

I really believe the benifits of buying cheap chinese goods is not worth the possible health, climate and moral implications.

I'm not buying anything chinese made.

Anonymous said...
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mollymew said...

One of the comments on this blog has been deleted because it was commercial spam. As Molly has said repeatedly, NO comments that disagree with me will be deleted, but ALL scams will be removed forthwith. Most attempts to sell things via the internet arte scams almost bt definition. As for those who disagree with me Molly is very happy to exercise her ill temper on them without deleting them.