Sunday, May 27, 2007

The anarchists, busy little beavers that they are, continue to produce news and events in rapid fire. Here are some of the latest:
In Montreal, according to an article in a-Infos, the Workers' Solidarity Network(WSN), is planning an "effective and disruptive picket line" on the occasion of the Bell shareholders' meeting on Wed., June 6th, at the Mount Royal Centre. This will be a protest against the layoffs, pension reductions, and reduction of hours imposed by Bell Canada Enterprises and its affiliates such as Aliant and Connexion. The company actually sees the elimination of pension benefits coming about by 2016. The WSN organized a previous protest on May 18th.
Also in Montreal there will be an 'Anti-Imperialist Consulta' on June 3rd at the UQAM, Room R-R110, to coordinate actions over the summer of 2007. For more information see the Block the Empire Site at (French version at ). Events already planned include a mobilization against 'Atlantica' (a project to create a free trade zone in the northeast of North America. This will take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, from June 14th to June 16th. On June 22nd there will be a day of action in Quebec City to protest the deployment of 2,000 soldiers from the Royal 22nd regiment of Valcartier to Afghanistan. For more information on this action go to . There are also plans for a day of solidarity on June 29th across Canada to show support for native land claims and sovereignty. Finally, on August 21st and 22nd there will be a demonstration in Montebello, Quebec against the meeting of the Security and Prosperity Partnership and the state visits of George Bush, Stephan Harper and Felipe Calderon to Quebec.
More anarcho-news later.

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