Sunday, May 13, 2007

Seems like the Silly Season has come early this year as various governments and political parties fall all over themselves to do the most ridiculous acts possible. Pride of place goes to the federal Conservative government. No surprise there. Molly noted the silliness of their instructions to the Indian and Northern Affairs Department to capitalize the words "Canada's New Government" as if they had ascended to divinity. Seems like this little bit of micro-management has gone out to the whole federal bureaucracy as noted by the Canadian Cerebus blog, a blog devoted to criticizing the Harper government. The Cerebus Blog has initiated a petition to change the name of this bizarre entity to "Canada's New-Ish-Like Government". Not that Molly agrees with the politics of the Cerebus Blog, pretty well Liberal party, but their takeoff on the hubris of Harper and friends is actually quite funny. Go over to have a look.
This item gets a "5 martini lunch strategy session" award.

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