Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The nest carnival at the Carnival of Anarchy will be held on the weekend of May 25th to 27th. The subject will be "Anarchy and Spirit" and it will include religion, spirituality(such as liberation theology), anti-religion, paganism, gnosticism,etc.. Drop on over to the Carnival- entrance is free- to see what the past greatest shows on Earth have been all about, to join and to participate. The Carnival is a family friendly spot where everyone tries to relive the innocence of childhood once more under the ferris wheel of liberty.
Which puts Molly in mind of one of her old man's jokes. This is from my late father:
"Sean and Pat and Mike were on a fishing ship that went down in the middle of the ocean. The three of them sat in a tiny lifeboat under the blazing sun with no food and no water. On the western horizon black clouds signalled the coming of a great storm.
Sean said to the others, "shoor and it seems now that we should be offering a prayer to the almighty, but I left the bosum of Holy Mother Church many years ago, and I canna remember the words of a single prayer". Aye, me too said Pat. Da sam' ting' said Mike.
They fell silent. Then a smile crossed the face of Pat, Shur if we canna pray then maybe we can sen' a holy song that may tich the heart of a merciful heaven. But ye lads will havva help me out for I be fergettin' all the hymns that I larned at the knees o' me sainted mether. But then Sean and Mike looked at him and said, sure an' we be forgettin' too. It seems that our sinful ways have cot up ta us.
So all three much more fell into silence and gloom. Suddenly Mike took off his hat. He turned in upside down and put it under the face of Sean. Sean looked puzzled. He then slowly passed the hat until it sat in front of Pat. Time seemed to stand still.
The Sean and Pat spoke up at once. Sur an has ta sun been getting ta ye Mike ? Have ye gone daft.
Nay, said Mike, but seean as we canna pray an we canna sing it only seems right that we be doin somethin' religious.
Told in a good Irish brogue by my father Tom. Favourite time of the telling- when my sister the nun was visiting. Good clean family entertainment.

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