Monday, May 28, 2007


An article in today's Chicago Tribune discusses how pet food buyers are switching from the big labels to premium foods made locally by small players in the industry. Many manufacturers of "organic", locally sourced or human food grade pet foods are capturing an increasing share of the market in the wake of the contaminated pet food scare. Sales of "natural or organic" pet foods have climbed 20 to 25% since March according to the American Pet products Manufacturers Association cited in the article. Some producers such as those interviewed by the Tribune have seen much higher spikes in sales. Before the recall began speciality producers held only 2 to 3% of the market, but this is rapidly changing. Go to the article to read more.
Meanwhile the recalls of diethylene glycol contaminated toothpaste keep popping up in mare countries. An article from yesterday's Associated Press reports that Nicaragua has seized toothpaste smuggled in from Panama. This toothpaste was previously intercepted in Costa Rica, and the article says that there is a possibility that it entered Honduras and Columbia as well.

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