Sunday, May 13, 2007

Late last Friday the Royal Canin company announced yet another recall of more of their products. This is despite the repeated assurances of the American FDA that they were "on top" of the situation and that they didn't expect any more recalls. This happens to be strike three for the FDA, and the continued pattern of their calming words followed by more revelations should give anyone pause in believing what they say. Anyways, the foods recalled by Royal Canin on Friday are all dry dog foods except for one. The list is as follows:
Sensible Choice Chicken and Rice Adult
Sensible Choice Chicken and Rice Reduced
Sensible Choice Lamb and Rice Reduced
Sensible Choice Chicken and Rice Puppy
Sensible Choice Chicken and Rice Large Breed Puppy
Sensible Choice Natural Blend Adult
Sensible Choice Natural Blend Senior
Sensible Choice Natural Blend Puppy
Kasco Chunks
Kasco Hi Energy
Kasco Maintenance
Kasco Mealettes
Kasco Mini Chunks
Kasco Puppy
Kasco Cat
Molly assumes that the term "reduced" in the above refers to "reducing" and is merely a typo that has been copied from the Royal Canin site. The AVMA list has not been updated as of now- Sunday night- but I assume it will be on Monday. Once more Molly urges her readers to visit the Pet Connection site and the Itchmo blog for the latest news before it will show up on official sites-especially on weekends.

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Michael San Filippo said...

Hi Molly,

The AVMA Web site was updated earlier this morning to reflect the latest pet food recall from Royal Canin.



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Media Relations Assistant
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