Friday, May 11, 2007

LGe, LG Electronics, is a subdivision of a Korean conglomerate that has its fingers in many pies, from mobile phones to computers to air conditioners to washing machines. They are present in over 80 countries today, including Poland where they benefit from the low wages prevalent in that country. Late last month the workers in the Biskupice Podgorne plant which produces TV and monitor screens were getting ready for the traditional May Day long weekend when the workforce was shocked by the death of a 31 year old worker who was killed while trying to repair a machine. this followed on the heels of a similar death of a 41 year old worker in December of last year. The working conditions at the plant are deplorable. workers typically put in a 10 hour day for a take home pay of about 250 to 400 Euros per month ((about $313 to $ 500 Canadian). Workers "passing out" and having to be transported to hospital is a common occurrence. Forced overtime is the norm. Upset by the death workers either walked off the job on the Friday before May Day or unionized in a branch of Solidarity to demand better working conditions. The workers are asking that protest letters be sent to the company demanding that LG adhere to the labour laws of Poland and that all workers fired for union activity be reinstated.
The full story of this struggle and where to send your letters can be found at the following LibCom article"
Molly would also like to refer her readers to several Polish sites of anarchist groups and syndicalist unions to be found in her Links section.

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