Thursday, May 31, 2007


On Aoril 30th a majority of workers at National Logistics Services in Mississauga, Ontario applied to the Ontario Labour Relations Board to join the union UNITE HERE. They had not received pay raises in two or three years and lacked any fair process to move from casual to permanent employment. There were many other grievances as well. The response of the company was to hire an US based union buster firm. The employees were subjected to an intensive propaganda and intimidation campaign that resulted in a failed vote for the union one week after the original petition for certification. Daily "struggle sessions" of anti-union lectures would last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours-compulsory of course.

National Logistics Services is an "expediter" and distributor for the garment industry, arranging packaging and deliveries. The people at Union Voice have initiated a campaign to pressure one of their major customers, American Eagle Outfitters, to express their displeasure with the tactics used by NLS. American Eagle Outfitters is NLS's major customer, and they pride themselves on their "ethical business standards". To read more or to join this campaign go to

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