Friday, May 11, 2007

The international syndicalist conference I07 held late last moth in Paris was apparently a resounding success. More news of what happened continues to trickle in. The latest item is an English translation of an article from Royo y Negro, the house organ of the Spanish CGT. The original is in Spanish. The English translation is available via an article on a-infos and also from the Anarkismo site. The interview says that even though visa problems prevented some from attending that 250 foreign delegates were present, and it claims a total of 6,000 people for the CNTf contingent of the May Day march that followed. Delegates from across the world attended(see previous Molly report) and language problems were something of a hitch.
There is complaint that the need for simultaneous translation in French, Castillian and English slowed the process somewhat. The process, however, could be an inspiring example of internationalism. At one point the speech from a delegate from the Siberian SKT was being translated from Russian into French by a comrade from Mali who happened to know Russian.
The interview goes on to discuss the French CNT's relations with other French anarchist groups and with the SUD(Solidaire, Unitaire et Democratique) unions. The CNT has better relations with the transport section of SUD than with other sections as the SUD due to complicity of the SUD in having the CNT declared illegal in the postal section.
Much more to read about I07 from the interview. Have a look.

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