Tuesday, May 22, 2007




Yet more pet foods have been recalled lately. In a press release dated May 22nd Menu Foods says that they have added two more foods, the Chicken Cuts in Gravy for dogs and the Chunks of Chicken in Gravy for cats. Both of these canned products are only withdrawn in Canada. Menu says that these items were "accidentally" omitted from their recent May 2nd recall. Oooops !! Seems like they not only need to clean their vats but also hire a proofreader as well.

Also Nutra Nuggets is recalling their Lamb Meal and Rice Formula dry formula for dogs, manufactured by Diamond Foods. The distributor is Costco. Molly notices a general trend here. She can find no mention of this recall on any of the three web sites given above. Could this be a "sneak it out the back door" type of recall? Costco, however, does advertise a selection of cremation urns for your dead pet on their site. The Itchmo Blog, by the way, has a recall alert service which you can sign up for for free. It will give you email notice as soon as any recall is announced.

Meanwhile over in China the International Herald Tribune reports that the official newspaper China Daily has now reported on the pet food scandal calling the way it was handled by government authorities "shameful". The English language China Daily goes on to say that the "bigger problem" is the poor safety of China's domestic food supply. To read the article go to http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/05/23/asia/AS-GEN-China-Pet-Food-Recall.php . This is admirable condor on the part of the Chinese media, and the reported article lays plain the systemic problems rather than blaming individuals.

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