Friday, May 04, 2007

Since the pet food recall began with Menu Foods Molly has devoted a lot of attention to this matter. The amount of paper in print outs that Molly has accumulated is truly amazing, and she thinks the tower is about to collapse. Anyways, Molly wishes to thank the people at the American Veterinary Medical Association for deciding to send her regular updates for the list that she uses as her 'master copy' for informing clients. In particular the notice posted as a comment on a earlier blog on this site was useful insofar as it informed people about an expansion of the recall to include the 'SmartPak LiveSmart Adult Lamb and Brown Rice' item (see the company statement ) Molly once more wishes to encourage her readers to visit the AVMA site to find a comprehensive list while also looking to the Pet Connection site and the Itchmo Blog for daily updates. This is particularly important on weekends when, good as it is, the AVMA site is unlikely to be updated. The FDA has gone through several levels of adjustment to the magnitude of the problem here, and after weeks of giving numbers of presumed deaths as "16" they have suddenly upgraded their estimates to "thousands". Any reassuring statement from the FDA should be viewed in this light as the scandal continues to unfold.
But as to further recalls the Itchmo Blog informs us that two additional products from the Drs Foster and Smith line have been recalled. These are the Drs Foster and Smith 'Dry Adult Dog Food Lamb and Brown Rice Formula' in two different sizes. Also the CKN Country Classic Dinners-Chicken Stew is on recall. Other items from the Dr. Foster recall include...
*Adult Lite Dry Dog Food
The Itchmo blog gives references to the website of the company involved.
So much for "clearing the desk" as the number of items piles up. Anyways, here's an attempt. The Associated Press reports that the hold on chickens who have been fed contaminated feed has now gone to 20 million birds in "several states". Here's another report on the matter of the recall from the Houston Chronicle. And still another from the Hartford Courant entitled 'Human Food Eyed in pet Food Recall'. Well worth a look as this scandal will undoubtedly develop further despite government reassurances.
Wow!!!! Molly came to the bottom of one pile on recent news items on this matter. Previous piles have yet to be ploughed through, and either reported or ignored. Once more Molly urges people to consult the references mentioned above for accurate daily updates and a comprehensive list.
Molly in frustration with what she has missed.

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